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Save Money With Our Military Discounts

Blackwell Mobile Home Movers near Savannah, Georgia, provides military discounts on moving and labor services for active duty military and veterans. We are familiar with the government assistance programs for military personnel and work with you to help you afford your move. We know that the government only pays certain costs of moving and anticipated shipping of home goods within the distance approved by your orders, which is why we are here to help you.

Military Costs Paid By the Government

The government pays some labor costs, such as renting additional axles with tires if they are needed for structural support, safety reasons, or to meet state and local laws. However, your rate may be reduced if you are able to arrange for completion of these services. Since moving mobile homes often exceeds the prescribed allowance, we help you save money on the extra overheads. These may include:

  • Tire Repairs
  • Bridge, Road, and Tunnel Tolls
  • Rentals of Additional Axles With Wheels and Tires Attached
  • Assembling and Disassembling Expandable or Fold-Out Rooms
  • Ferry Fares, State or Local Transit Permits, and Over-Dimension Charges
  • Removal and Installation of Skirting, Blocking, Anchoring, and Un-Anchoring
  • Utility Termination and Setup
  • Packing and Unpacking Household Goods
  • Movement Of Double-Wide Home
  • Mobile Home Carrier's Transportation Charges (Including Movement Via Circuitous Route)

Military Costs Not Paid By the Government

You can count on us to provide the support and assistance that you need to move your mobile home. There are certain services that the government does not compensate you for, which is where we can help you. We can provide the services you need for a discounted rate, such as:

  • Brake and Tire Repairs
  • Building and Site Permits or Engineering Studies to Place
  • Original Axle Purchases
  • Repairs or Maintenance Performed En Route Except Labor Costs to Repair
  • Home On the Lot
  • Mobile Home Replacement Parts
  • Permits and Deposits for Utility Termination, Pole Placement, and Pipe and Wire Installation
  • Tires and Tubes