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Find the Affordable Moving Services You Need

Discover how easy relocating can be with the affordable moving services of Blackwell Mobile Home Movers near Savannah, Georgia. You can find the some of the most economical rates on transportation services to move your home from point A to point B, all with superb service. We specialize in making your move as simple as possible by offering a variety of moving services that are priced per mile.

Our Rates

Obtain the best deals possible when you move your home with our moving rates. We require a 50% deposit and the balance paid in full at the time of hooking up your home. Our all-inclusive service includes rental of tires and axles for your convenience. You can obtain the transportation and installation services you need for rates such as:

  • Singlewide Setups: $1,200 Labor Only
  • Singlewide Take Downs: $1,200 Anything about 36" will be addtional cost
  • Doublewide Setups: $2,500 Labor Only
  • Doublewide Take Downs: $2,500 Anything about 36" will be addtional cost
  • Transport for Single-Wide Homes: $4.50 Per Mile
  • Transport for Double-Wide Homes: $4.50 Per Mile, Per Floor

Additional Fees and Charges

You can obtain additional support services during your move to guarantee the best results. We are skilled in fixing and repairing any type of damage that may occur while moving. Our additional support services are offered at economical prices, such as:

  • Hitches: $540.00
  • Tire Damage: $75.00 Per Tire
  • Axle Damage: $150.00 Per Axle
  • Overweight Fines: Varies By State
  • Pole Car Escort: $1.85 Per Mile
  • Permit: Varies By State
  • Escorts: $1.75 Per Mile
  • Hookup Fee: $650.00